Switchboard Upgrades – Free Assessment No Call Out
Safety Switches and Circuit Breakers.
It is important to have a look at Old Switchboard. If you have Old Ceramic Fuses (SERF- semi-enclosed rewire-able fuses) or Plugin MCB etc are all old type electrical protection.
Time to call OmegaLED lights, get the switchboard upgrades with Saftey Switches(RCD’s). The RCD’s not only protected the number of circuits in the house, but also safeguards against electric shock. Most often it is one safety switch linked to a number of circuit breakers the only drawback is when the circuit breaker (Power, lights, aircon, oven, hot plate) trip it would take the supply of the entire house.
Today we use a combination of safety switches and circuit breakers. This will protect against short circuits, overloads and electric shocks. The main benefit is, it will take OFF the power to the confined one circuit of the house (eg:- upstairs bedrooms, living area, kitchen area etc). Another benefit is it will stop tripping of the circuit in the house as each circuit has its own “earth fault”.
If your house old time of Ceramic fuses or plug-in fuses its time to upgrade, give us a call or email us for new circuit breakers to current standards. – Email – [email protected] or Call us 0431170902

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