Switchboards are the most important and unnoticed part of any residential house. We have seen a big change in the safety standards in the Electrical industry. Switchboard upgrades with quality branded RCBO are required for every house. We need to upgrade and mark the switchboard properly.       Why an Upgrade:-

  • If it is Unsafe
  • Not coping with the demands  placing on them and overheat or frequently trip fuses, or
  • Need as per the demands of new appliances some kind for Fridges, Freezers, Air conditioners or Pool pumps etc.

If the house is 20 -25years Old the main power needs to upgrade to comply with the current requirements. Upgrading the main cable to the fuses. As the per the compliance the Earth, Natural link and now Digital meter or Smart meter are also needed.

At OmegaLED we have our own Level 1, Level 2 technician, who service both AGL and Origin and are authorised to carry out the paperwork and electrical work. Call us for quality and Competitive rates, Special prices – ( Campbelltown, Narellan, Camden, Picton, Goulburn, Liverpool, Ingleburn, Glenfield, Smeaton Grange, Casual, Fairfield and all around Sydney)

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