Outdoor LED lights make a big difference to the property. It can be residential, commercial or industrial each sector requires certain types of lights. We use all the major brands and different type depending on the project.

For residential it can be, sensor LED lights, LED flood lights, LED downlights, for Commerical or Industrial they may require high power LED Flood lights connected to light motion or IR sensor. While installing each LED light we need to know the area, lux required and for what purpose. Based on that Omega LED lights will recommend which type of LED light will suit.

The Parking LED light or Garden LED lights we need to access the site, measure the area, the height of the Pole and decide how many watts of Parking LED light we need for each section.  For Garden LED lights we need do the same. There are various tools we can use, which are available to calculate the exact requirements of each project. Call us if you need any further information – 0431170902 or Email us – [email protected]