DC Fan Motors 

DC means (Direct Current), the current flows in one direction only. Most of the household in Australia uses AC (Alternate Current). DC technology has become much more sophisticated in recent years. It can now be applied to both residential and industrial ceiling fans. DC fans have motors that rely on permanent, built-in magnets in order to attract and repel a rotor around an axis joined with invertors. DC technology is much newer than AC technology

DC fans motor uses AC current the transformer helps to covert it into DC.  It decreases the amount of power to direct current only which is used by DC Fan. In fact, DC fans consume up to 70 % less energy to produce the same output as other fan types. For example, that means that a 25-watt DC-driven fan uses the same power as a 100-watt AC-driven fan. This is ideal for commercial settings. As restaurants use fans running all day incurring astronomical electric bills. They are also ideal for today modern homes which have 5 to 10 fans. As the weather has changed a lot past year we have seen a huge demand in Fans.

Advantages – DC fans motor uses a brushless motor. The advantage of the brushless motor uses up to 70% less energy than AC Motors. The DC motors are very very quiet.  All DC motors have more speed options, a reverse function on the remote,  generally faster to start, stop and change speed. DC motors are very compact and lightweight.

We supply and install new DC fans, OmegaLED lights uses Martec brand of DC fans which comes with 3 years warranty. Please call us at 0431170902 or Email us – [email protected] for further information.

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